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Electric Energy Watch Face Pro

0.99 usd

This watch face has electric energy written all over it. Enjoy electricity currents dancing on your watchface at a high rate.Choose the kind of energy you want to expose your watch to. Select from Noble blue, justice pruple or blood red!
- You can choose between 12h and 24h clock settings.- Multiple date formats are available- The speed of the electric energy animation can be set to slow medium and fast- slower speeds use less battery and faster speeds use more- the date can be toggled on and off- the battery level indicator can be toggled on and off- Electric Energy Watch Face Pro will liven you up as you tell the time
The watch tells time, displays a verbose date and shows the remaining battery level for the smart watch.This app is compatible with all smartwatches that run android.
When downloading this app, be aware that it takes some time for the watch face to appear in your android wear application. You can also use Settings > Resync apps found in your wear application. The process usually takes up to 2 minutes. Bluetooth is relatively slow so if the watch seems slow and the watch face will not load then give it more time.
Visit for all available watchfaces or search osthoro in the app store.